summer camp

Summer Camp

Iron Horse Camp is a terrific place for kids to learn all about horses, meet new friends, and have tons of fun. We have over 15 acres of lush green pastures, private paddocks, both indoor and outdoor riding arenas for all weather riding, exceptional trainers, and a staff dedicated to making your child’s experience the absolute best!

Several mini-camps are offered each year. Camps are two or three days long, from 9am-2pm . Please check pricing for current year on our Facebook page.

Campers are to bring their own lunch each day along with a change of clothes just in case we get a little dirty! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Call Shannon for availability: (770) 235-9763


Iron Horse camps are for those horse crazy boys and girls who are just not happy unless they are around their favorite animal! Each rider is assigned a horse that matches that rider’s ability level and then they stay together for the week getting to know each other. There are two rides per day which includes formal instruction, bareback balancing, and games on horseback. There are arts and crafts activities offered daily. During the hottest part of the day, we work in a sports activity that involves some splashing fun!

Barn Talk & Stable Management

While one group is riding, another group is in the cool comfort of the barn office getting hands-on instructional classes on the practical care of horses. More advanced riders dig deeper into feed, hoof care, common ailment and their cures, and stable management. We also make sure our riders become more familiar with different horse breeds, markings, and basic horse anatomy. When time permits we squeeze in lessons on nutrition, braiding, show rules, costumes, and much, much more.

Release Forms

Please fill out the three release forms and mail them in with your camp registration. You can also bring them to Iron Horse on the first day of camp.

Please email us at for further information or call the farm at (770) 521-9070.

*Please note: Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the first day of the camp in which you have registered your child in order to receive full refund of the deposit.