Our Horses

Since 2014, Iron Horse Therapy has been partnering with horses to change the lives of individuals with special needs and disabilities. Our therapy programs thrive thanks to our exceptional horses, cared for with expertise by our dedicated team. Our diverse herd, including Fresian and Norwegian Fjord breeds, comes from various backgrounds, from former champions to rescues. Explore their stories and consider supporting their daily care through our Horse Sponsorship program. Your generosity, whether small or large, ensures their well-being and our therapeutic mission.



Lucy is our newest and youngest horse to join our therapy program. She is in her mid-teens. She came from a horseback riding program. She is a Quarter Horse and has assisted with therapy programs before. Lucy really loves working with younger riders.



Auke is a Fresian horse that stands out most with his shiny black coat and long, thick mane and tail. He was donated from a dressage horse. Auke provides lessons for our riders that are progressing with their riding skills. 



Harley is a Quarter Cross horse and a former 4-H State Champion. Harley is in his twenties and provides a huge contribution to our program. He assists with walk lessons for our beginners and young riders with severe disabilities. He likes pats and getting love.



Kit is a retired Arabian horse.  He is an extremely accomplished show horse at the National level and loves attention and working hard.  Kit provides therapy to special needs individuals not through riding but through interaction of grooming, feeding and touch which provide companionship and reduces stress.



Mickey is a rescue horse. When he came to us he was a feral horse.   He is small but mighty.  He is Iron Horse Therapy’s ambassador horse and is great around kids.



Rainy is a Pony American Painted horse. Before becoming a therapy horse, Rainy was a former champion hunter-jumper. She is mainly used for our advanced riders that can walk, trot and canter.  She is a favor amongst our riders.



Kato is in his mid-twenties and owned by our therapeutic riding instructor Shannon.  Kato has his own disability. He developed moon blindness which is a chronic eye disease.  He had surgery to have his right eye removed. He teaches his riders if he can overcome his disability, they can do it.



Torsten is one of our unique horses. He is a Norwegian Fjord which is a small but very strong horse breed with a mohawk mane.  His height makes him the perfect therapy horse for older males that needs a sidewalker. He is very level-headed and helps our riders compete in the Special Olympics every year.